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This is a brief description of the benefits of one of the services targeted for a Small Professional Practice or Home Office.

Whether you are an Accountant, a Medical Practitioner, a Consultant, Project Manager or a small scale Business, you are dependent on your computer and the contents of its hard drive.  You are a professional that requires that certain information or you need to share data files with your colleagues or customers. Or your customers need to provide you with frequent information updates.

You have invested in technology that attempts to keep your data safe from the various threats like viruses etc. Yet you are concerned what if, for whatever reason, your computer was or became inaccessible and the information lost.

Total Information Management -- Generic System Capabilities
  • Access: Anytime, Anywhere
  • Customer Service: Keeping them informed
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery

Customer Service
Your key customers get access to information whenever they need it. They gain capability to make available their information that they need to provide you. No more carrying all those files or mailing disks. And everyone on your team who needs access can get to the information whenever and from wherever. You or your team may be out of the office but you can still perform the essential tasks for your customers.

Security The Banks provide us with safe deposit boxes and make the necessary level of security available to the individual. It is exactly the same case for our managed service provider. The provider can expend the necessary resources to really keep our data secure and available.

Backup and Archiving
Again the managed service provider can provide small businesses such as ours the backup and archiving capabilities that exist at large corporations. This provides for worry-free recovery, access from any gepgraphic location and time-zone.

We look forward to working with you.

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Access information whenever you need it. Information is available to you or whoever you authorize through the web. You can make the information available to your colleagues or even your customers. You decide on what is available to them.

Medical Practitioner: You can have critical information about your patients, including current medication, allergies, etc. available to you, your nursing staff or even your colleague who is providing coverage while you are away. You never have to try and remember or depend upon sometimes suspect memory of your patients. Your colleague can quickly become aware of the patient even before providing them consultation.

Accountant: Your key business customers can load their monthly expense and other files and you can make useful informational documents available to them. Each customer has their own private space; you can even have files in that space that your customer does not see.

Project Manager: Dedicated space for each of your projects with access provided to necessary other personnel. One central location and no need to send around large files through mail.

Small Business: Whether you are a retailer, remodeler, manufacturer – you need to share with your customers (for example, premium customers), vendors and employees information on a periodic basis.

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